What is Customer Success?

Customer success is a business method that uses your product or service to help customers achieve their objectives. It’s relationship-focused client management that aligns your customer with your company’s goals—igniting beneficial outcomes for everyone involved.

Why do businesses need customer success?

As competition increases and more and more companies rely on recurring revenue models, customer success has become a massive growth driver. In fact, according to a North Highland study,  87% of leaders now say customer experience is their main growth engine.


of leaders now say customer experience is their main growth engine

effective, customer success takes three critical ingredients: people, processes, and data.

Still, to be effective, customer success takes three critical ingredients: people, processes, and data.  After all, how can you help your customers succeed using your product if you don’t know when, why, and how they’re actually using it? In order to combine these key ingredients in a way that creates positive outcomes, you’ll need to complete three action items:

Three Action Items

Embrace Technology

To understand your customers on a deep level, it’s important to use technology to track user data, gather input, and monitor how your moves are affecting the customer as well as ROI.

Start Gauging Customer Needs

In order to spot churn risk and identify customer needs, it’s important to set up a  customer health index (CHI) and track  customer feedback in real time.

Secure Support

If you want your customer success plans to flourish, it will take a  company-wide adoption of outcomes-based metrics and processes.